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Welcome! On this page, you can find documents, videos, and upcoming events. Together, we will focus on personal growth & development, character, college & career, healthy relationships, and community services. This is EWOE’s pinnacle program designed just for you!

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October 17, 2020 – Who Counts the Most in My Decisions October 17, 2020 – What Is Really Important

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Explore Your Career Interest
  • Access Your Skills and Interest (Think About Your Interest and Consider Your Skills) – Click Here to Explore
  • Match My Career and Interest (Knowing your unique combination of interests can help you determine jobs that most likely will suit you.) – Click Here to Explore
  • Career Search (Interested in a specific career? Search to Find Out More!) – Click Here to Explore

Senior Elite + Cotillion Resource Videos

Welcome to The EWOE Sisterhood

Scenarios – All Falls Down
The Wait Is Sexy
Career Match Process

Senior Elite + Cotillion Workshop Recordings

October 17, 2020

Title: How to Set Boundaries in Dating Relationships (The Moore’s Testimony)

October 3, 2020

Dating Part I with A. Martindale

September 26, 2020

Oh, Baby! Let’s Talk One – Love Languages and Personality Styles

Love Languages and Personality Styles Workshop Video with R. Phipps 

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