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Participant Spotlight

Kiara Davis

Elite Women of Excellence Congratulates Alumnae Kiara Davis Recipient of the 2017 AJC CUP Award

Kiara Davis: Charles R. Drew Charter School

Parent: Shakeila Jackson

Activities: No Place for Hate, Varsity Soccer (Captain), Elite Women of Excellence, American Explorers, Volleyball Team Manager, Varsity Cheerleading

Post-grad plans: University of Miami

Comments: Kiara is a model student, athlete and community member. She has persevered through significant life obstacles and has emerged a poised, focused and gracious young woman who dedicates herself to the betterment of her community. Kiara is motivated by her ultimate goal of founding a non-profit organization that will serve low-income mothers with parenting skills. Kiara is altruistic and is highly respected by peers and staff alike. She is the whole package.

Kiara is quoted as saying, “I have been involved with EWOE throughout my four years in high school. While in EWOE I have attended the workshops, cotillion, SAT/ACT Prep Classes, volunteer events as well as the Mother-Daughter Retreats. My most memorable experience is from a workshop that I attended with my mother which taught me about the five different love languages. Knowing and understanding these languages has enhanced and improved my communication and acts of expressions between my mother and I".

Established in 1927 the AJC Cup Award honors exceptional metro Atlanta high school students.

Congratulations Kiara! Your hard work and dedication has paid off.