We work to develop requisite knowledge, attitudes, and skills to formulate healthy and attainable goals ...PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE

Senior Elite

Personal Development, Healthy Relationships and Academic Enrichment

The EWOE Senior Elite 9-month flagship program was established in 2002 with the mission of motivating young women to make wise choices which are backed by time tested, faith-based teachings from the Word of God.

The energy from our Senior Elite members spill out in scheduled workshops and events that promote and encourage a positive self-image, interpersonal skills, personal development, healthy relationships and academic enrichment. We build a safe and nurturing environment which enables our girls to flourish and grow.

This action-oriented cadre of interactive workshops and community involvement culminates with a formal graduation. This ballroom gala is an exciting and memorable display of beauty....which has been groomed from the inside out. The cultural, social and professional training the young women receive as participants in the EWOE Youth Development and Mentoring Program provide a springboard for future success.