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Program Results

Elite Women of Excellence (EWOE) is a catalyst for transformation in the lives of young women in underserved, traditional, and at-risk communities, that encourage a holistic (mind, body, soul) vision for success.

Empirical evidence confirms that the EWOE mentoring program is making a difference for participating girls, their family and the community.

Key Points

  • EWOE parents partner with EWOE in mentoring their daughters
  • EWOE participants graduate from high school (99.9% success rate)
  • EWOE graduates enroll in a post-secondary institution of higher learning (more than 90% success rate)
  • EWOE participants serve those in need by volunteering in their community
  • EWOE participants understand that abstinence until-marriage, sexual cessation, purity and modesty are attainable life choices
  • EWOE participants are able to recognize the warning signs of abusive behaviors in dating relationships
  • EWOE high school participants enjoy a date night with their dad, several for the first time ever
  • EWOE participants organize personal service projects that assist those in need